April 11, 2011


Facebook Chat on Nokia - Download Facebook Chat for Nokia Mobiles

  • April 11, 2011
  • Now the Nokia OVI store offered a lots of free applications for the Nokia Mobiles which can be download free of cost from the Nokia OVI store. The Nokia Facebook Chat is one of the free applications which is provided by mSonar Limited and can be download from Nokia OVI free of cost. Now a days, most of the users are want to chat online with their friends by using their mobile device but sometimes chatting feature in the mobile device become very tough for technical reasons. But now onward users wouldn't get any trouble to chatting online with their facebook friends because through the application Facebook Chat it will be very easy to chat online with their friends. Just need to download the application from the Nokia OVI store and after installed it one can enjoy the facebook chatting facility in the Nokia device. Users need not to pay anything for downloading the same from the Nokia OVI store. 

    For Download the Facebook chat for Nokia device, one can download it from the OVI store or can be download using through the Nokia Device. For download the same, need to go to the Nokia OVI and then download the Nokia Facebook Chat and after that enjoy the chatting facility on Nokia Mobiles. Users can also avail the same by using PC for which you should go ti OVI store (www.store.ovi.com) and the apps will be available for download under applications tab. For download please follow the below process--

    Nokia OVI >Applications >Social Networks >Facebook Chat
    The Facebook Chat application is provided by the Mail-Bit LTD and the file size of the same is only 0.27MB. So, users need not large space for avail the feature in the mobile. With the apps users now directly chat with facebook contacts without open the homepage of Facebook. So, go for it and enjoy the facebook chatting in Nokia mobile device. 

    One can also Download applications for Nokia for enjoying the various free applications provided by Nokia OVI. One can also Set the Nokia Device for avail the facebook chat facility in the Nokia Mobile Phone. 

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