May 4, 2011


Nokia E7 Business Phone - Advantages and Disadvantages of Nokia E7 mobile

  • May 4, 2011
  • The Nokia E7 is a business phone which is the most demandable and Popular Nokia Mobile among the users in the market. Most of the users treat the Nokia E7 as the Next-Gen avatar of the iconic communicator.

    If we go for the features and the technical specifications of the E7 mobile , we will get the most of the new features and the applications are available in the handset. The 4 inch ClearBlack AMOLED display of the phone gives a nice visual experience. It is a Nokia 3G phone where a secondary camera is available at the top of the right of the screen.
    The Nokia E7 is a simply Symbian^3 phone where there is three screen panels in the home screen of the phone which can be easily customized. These three screen panels can be easily access by the three dots provided in the bottom of the screen. Most of the latest and updated features like 3G connectivity, Wi-Fi chip is also available in the phone.

    Advantages of Nokia E7 smartphone : Any electronic device has its advantages and as well as disadvantages. The Nokia E7 Smartphone has almost all latest features and applications and many other advantages. Here we are trying to find out the unique features and advantages which is available in the phone. Its not possible to describe the all facilities and advantages which is available in E7 but here one can get some unique advantages of the phone which can be listed as below--
    • The 4 inch ClearBlack AMOLED display is one of the unique feature of the phone.
    • The Scratch Resistant Gorilla Glass Display of the phone which is not available in most of the other phones.
    • It has a secondary camera specially designed for enjoy the 3G facilities.
    • The Nokia E7 supports all popular Email Clients including Microsoft Exchange Active Sync.
    • The phone has the facility of USB which allows to transfer files directly from any Pan Drive to the phone.
    • Nokia E7 has 3G connectivity and an in-built Wi-Fi chip.
    • The video player of Nokia E7 comes with DivX and XviD support.
    • HDMI support is an added feature of the phone through which users can share files and videos etc. with big screen.
    • The E7 has a 8.0 mega pixel camera with dual LED flash.
    These are some unique features of Nokia E7 and the one can read here the Full specifications for the same. 

    Disadvantages of Nokia E7 smartphone : Like the advantages of the E7 smartphone, there are some disadvantages also which can be listed as below--
    • The outdated Operating system of the phone.
    • Though the Nokia E7 has 4 inch ClearBlack AMOLED display, but the resolution for the same is limited.
    • The browser has no kinetic scrolloing though it has multi-touch support for zooming.
    • The fixed battery cover of the phone is a disadvantage of the phone.
    • The Nokia E7 smartphone has 16GB internal memory and the facility for external memory is not available which is a main disadvantage of E7 smartphone.
    Though the E7 smartphone has disadvantages, it becomes very popular among the users. The 16GB of memory is sufficient for a mobile device. Comparing to the advantage of the phone disadvantage is very less in the same.

    Readers are requested to give their response regarding the same as comment. The phone may be more advantage and disadvantage which is missing or not mentioned.

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